Monday, May 13, 2013

SMART COMPANY AWARD Vistage and John Watkinson

I have now run workshops for over 100 CEO groups,  in the UK and around the world. These groups are part of various Peer Group Organisations and the largest  is Vistage International based in San Diego but with over 16,000 members in 15 countries and I have spoken for a number of their groups.
Each group, typically around 15 non-competing members, has a Chair and as a speaker the Chair makes such a difference to the day and the value the Group gets from the session.

I have learnt over the years that best Chairs are those that clearly 'care' about every single one of their members and their personal journey.

The epitome of such Chairs is John Watkinson who runs V55 and K230 in the UK. He oozes his commitment to  his members to simply being as successful as they can be and one of his means of achieving that is to help the speakers to also be as successful as they can.

I am extremely pleased, therefore, to give John Watkinson of Vistage a SMART COMPANY Award - highly deserved!

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